Ah, the Caribbean — can we ever really get enough? Whether you’re planning a family vacation with the whole crew or a romantic getaway for two, our guide to the Caribbean will tell you where to stay, where to eat and the best things to do on your next Caribbean getaway.

But with so many Caribbean islands to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Popular Caribbean destinations like Aruba, Jamaica and the Bahamas boast perfect beaches and a plethora of things to do, but the more you research, the more you’ll discover the little-known gems and the off-the-beaten-path spots that keep so many people coming back year after year.

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate family vacation in Turks and Caicos or you want to experience the world beneath on a diving excursion in Bonaire, we’ve got tons of ideas for your next Caribbean vacation.

Caribbean Destinations

Finding the perfect Caribbean destination is easy when there are so many great islands and cultures to visit, but that’s also what makes it so difficult. Whether you venture to the Bahamas for the idyllic Caribbean vacation or head to Jamaica to experience reggae and Rastafarian culture, an adventure undoubtedly awaits. Travel to St. Lucia for epic natural vistas, or visit Puerto Rico for a vibrant, lively ambiance. Wherever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Caribbean Resorts

Successful vacations in the Caribbean are largely due in part to two factors: the quality of the resort and your connection with the destination island. If you’re lucky, where you stay will satisfy both.

If the water is what you seek, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to stay at a beachside resort or an overwater bungalow. Looking for all-inclusive deals? The Caribbean islands are teaming with them. Take that romantic getaway you’ve been waiting for, too, at resorts that have perfected hosting intimate vacations. No matter how or where you want to enjoy your stay, the Caribbean has a variety of options to meet your desires.

Things to Do in the Caribbean

Venturing to Caribbean destinations isn’t just about sinking your toes in the sands of the plethora of wondrous beaches abound or eating authentic foods undiscoverable back home. More than that, it’s about connecting with the natural world that is mostly preserved on these islands.

Get acquainted with our oceanic neighbors by going snorkeling in crystal-clear waters; venture through an island’s adventurous pathways efficiently and cleanly by bike; or, if you’re just looking to play golf in an exotic location, there’s a bevy of courses with scenic backdrops. Regardless of what you’re looking for on your next Caribbean getaway, your next visit to an island is sure to be something special.

More Vacation Ideas for the Caribbean

So you’ve gone on one (or two, or three…) Caribbean vacation(s) already, but that itch still hasn’t been fully scratched. Fortunately, there’s still a plethora of ideas you [probably] haven’t even heard of, making another island getaway just as unique as the first.

Venture to one of the few lesser-known Caribbean islands – like Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico, or Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe – that have just as much attraction as their more popular counterparts. Maybe last time you flew to your island destination; this time around, consider going on a cruise that’ll supply your food and accommodations while touring through multiple stops. The Caribbean is worth being explored in more than one way.