South Pacific Islands

Islands in the South Pacific are plentiful, vibrant and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. A great vacation can be had in popular destinations like Bora Bora or Fiji, but a little extra research can reveal a plethora of new opportunities and adventures throughout the islands in the South Pacific. From the French Polynesia islands like Tahiti and Moorea to the Cook Islands and New Zealand, South Pacific destinations offer unique cultural experiences not found anywhere else, and we offer the details you’ll need for picking the perfect island getaway.


Get away from all the noise in the best possible way: by flying far out to isolated Fiji. In addition to enjoying your peaceful, relaxing getaway from reality’s routine, bask in the glory of Fiji’s best beaches and the natural world that engulfs the islands. For ambitious world travelers who just said “I do,” idyllic honeymoons await here on the islands. Love it enough? Consider living in Fiji.

French Polynesia

Within French Polynesia, there are Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea, among 100 or so islands. Whether you’re looking to explore new lands and new cultures, go on an isolated vacation, or both, French Polynesia and its bountiful resorts with beautiful overwater bungalows should be a destination on any world traveler’s list.


Bora Bora


New Zealand

“Down Under” doesn’t only refer to Australia. New Zealand, with its food festivals and awe-inspiring landscapes and mountain ranges, is just as worthy of a visit. Enjoy black-sand beaches or a visit to the Shire, if you’re not already exploring cities like Queenstown and Auckland.

Cook Islands

Traveling to the Cook Islands gives those interested in trying new experiences and learning about new cultures a chance of a lifetime. When visiting the Cook Islands, engage with the friendly community in open-air bars, indulge in a well-deserved massage, treat yourself to delectable Pacific cuisine, and take in the beautiful culture through song and dance.